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Q. Why do I need Alpine Property Management as my property management company?
A. We put our years of experience to work for you to ensure your real estate investment is handled efficiently and professionally. Each property we manage we treat it as our own. We understand the stresses of managing tenants, maintenance issues, and understanding of real estate law while trying to juggle family, work, and free time. We work with trusted vendors that are held accountable to ensure your property is well maintained. We are here to handle everything for your Sioux Falls rental and help ease the stress of rental property ownership.

Q. What is your lease up fee and what does this cover?
A. Half of 1st month’s rent. Example: rent is $1,000, lease fee is $500, plus sales tax. Your lease up fee covers all marketing costs associated with your property, credit, eviction, & criminal background checks, income verification, lease, lease signing, move in checklist, utility setup instructions, security deposit collection, and first month’s rent collection. We interview each potential tenant to see if they will be qualified.

Q. What is your monthly management fee?
A. 8% of rent. Example: rent is $1,000, management fee is $80, plus sales tax. There is no surcharge for lining up electricians, plumbers, HVAC, etc., for your property.

Q. What services are included in the monthly management fee?
A. A 24/7 emergency maintenance cell phone number for tenants, online owner portal access, monthly statements, direct deposit owner payments, end of year tax documents, utilities setup in APM’s name so no hassles with reconnects/disconnects, collection of rents, collection of outstanding amounts, rent increases, rent market comparisons, all communication with tenant, all communication with maintenance men, contractors, plumbers, electricians, snow removal companies, landscape companies, 25 years of experience of property management, peace of mind that your investment is being handled properly to maximize your return.

Q. Where do you advertise?
A. Alpine Property Management advertises on,,,,, google ads, facebook, twitter,,,,,,,,, among others. We also have three prime billboard ads throughout Sioux Falls, prime signage at 824 W. 11th Street, Sioux Falls, and keep our signs up in our managed properties for additional advertising.

Q. Do you have on staff maintenance technicians?
A. Yes. We have several experienced, professional, qualified maintenance technicians on staff with Alpine Property Maintenance & Construction. This enables us to get to problems quicker and to ensure the problems are taken care of cost effectively and appropriately versus hiring outside maintenance staff.

Q. When and how do I get paid?
A. Owner payments are processed via ACH around the 15th of each month. Our management fees are subtracted from the rent so you do not need to worry about writing a check!